Dear Church Family,
One of the high points of the past few weeks was the protest RCHP participated in outside the youth prison in Jamesburg.  For far too long kids in this state have been imprisoned for crimes that could have easily been addressed through less punitive measures.
The really horrible thing about youth prison in NJ is that as the public became aware of the damage that prison does to kids, white kids started getting out with alternative corrective opportunities.  Black and brown kids kept being locked up at a much higher rate.
On Wednesday of last week hundreds of people, bused in from Newark and Camden and throughout the state, gathered to protest the ongoing incarceration of youth.
Many of the speakers at the protest were pastors-and they articulated the protest through the lens of faith.  Their presentations were compelling and left me thankful for the language of faith and relationship with God as it pertains to addressing injustice.  Basing our arguments in the love of God, and the image of God, and in the promise of redemption really gives a strong basis for rejecting injustice and growing in hope.
One of the preachers, last Wednesday, was our own Pastor Amos Caley.  To say I was proud that our church was represented through Amos’ clarion call for justice is an understatement.  Amos speaks the language of ‘we the people’ of RCHP-and that language resonates with all who are last in this world.
I was also thankful for the two vans full of participants we brought to the protest-largely youth who were there to have their eyes opened to injustice-youth who are finding their voices to join in proclaiming God’s kind of love.
Friends, we are living through strange times, but one of the ways we can best face though times is by shaping the world we live in-or, better yet,  by joining God in shaping the world we live in.
We did that last Wednesday in Jamesburg.
During Lent, back in Feb-March, we committed to a series of Sunday evening services called, “Prayer and Protest.”  Those were very meaningful.  There is no reason at all for us to stop praying and protesting.  Until justice and peace embrace prayer and protest are at the center of beauty-and at the center of life with God.
The Peace of Christ to you,
Pastor Seth
Sunday, July 9: World Refugee Potluck, 4pm
Sunday, July 9th, at 4pm, at Donaldson Park, Grove 2, join Interfaith-RISE for a World Refugee Day Celebration Picnic!  RCHP is a central player in Interfaith-RISE.  Come and welcome refugees and celebrate as ONE.

Sunday, July 16: Indonesian Food Fair
On July 16th, after worship, there will be an Indonesian Food Fundraiser to raise money for the RCHP Work Trip! This year’s trip is to Detroit, MI, and will take place from July 29th-August 5th. The trip is being co-led by Anthony DiGrigoli and Harry Pangemanan and Pastor Daniel Woo. The deadline to sign up for this trip is July 9th.  Please get your applications in soon. With questions please call Harry Pangemanan at 732-527-5489.
July – A Month for Spiritual Growth
Sundays: Morning Adult Education with Student Pastor Katherine Ellis and Sunday School for Youth of All Ages
Sunday Nights: Join Student Minister Mattheis Lorimor for the Table for Prayer, Study, Fellowship, Food and Service! 6pm (except  when they are going on very cool summer trips)
Mondays: At 5pm, each Monday, Student Pastor Kris Ryan is leading a bible study on Galatians. Join him, and then, if you can, join him in visiting the Elizabeth Detention Center immediately afterwards.
Tuesdays: At 8pm, each Tuesday, Student Pastor Klaas Walhout is leading a bible study on Philippians.
Wednesdays: 7:45am Pastor Seth leads a morning study on the book of Jeremiah
Wednesday Nights: During the summer we only have 1 choir practice each Wednesday night from 7pm-8pm. Make this the summer that you find time for this incredibly spiritually enriching opportunity with a group of church friends.
July 5 Gospel, July 12 Chancel Choir, July 19 Gospel, July 26 Chancel
We Thank God for a Summer of Big Events
Sunday, July 16th: During Worship on the 16th Bella Sanchez will be baptized!
Baby Samuel Johnson
Protesting Deportation in Newark
Thanking God for our graduates
Bread for the World Lobby Day in D.C.
 Advocacy for Indonesian Legislation Trip in D.C.
Jamesburg Protest
Save the Dates
August 6th-Missionaries from Italy, who work with refugees, will be visiting our church. Tim and JJ TenClay, pastors and social workers with refugees in Italy, and recent hosts to Wendy Jager and Danielle Willard-Kyle, will be leading us in worship and preaching and teaching.
August 21-25  Vacation Bible School
September 1-2  RCHP Church Camping Trip in North Jersey!  Save this Fri-Sat and watch for more details.
Calls for Racial Impact Statement
As a reminder, the Governor only has a few days left (July 10th is the deadline) to sign this critical legislation which would help address the racial disparities in New Jersey’s criminal justice system. We need your help to make sure he does the right thing! Call Governor Christie’s office at 609-292-6000. Please tell the person who answers the phone your name, where you live, and say:
“I’m calling to urge Governor Christie to sign Senate Bill 677 / Assembly Bill 3677 into law. Even though New Jersey has made strides in criminal justice reform, our state still has the worst racial disparities within our prison population in the country. Racial and ethnic impact statements are critical to improving racial disparities. They serve as a tool for lawmakers to evaluate potential disparities of proposed legislation prior to adoption and implementation. It is easier to prevent a problem than to fix one, and I urge Governor Christie to please sign this important legislation into law.”
Thank you,
Stressed? Feeling Down? Need Encouragement?
Stephen Ministers don’t just provide care for people experiencing a major crisis. They also provide care and support for people weighed down by the little things in life. If you’re feeling down, lonely, stressed or discouraged, you could benefit from the care, support, and encouragement of a Stephen Minister. It’s free. It’s confidential. And it will really make a difference in your life! To find out more, talk with Pastor Stephanie or one of our Stephen Leaders- Anthony DiGrigoli, Franco Juricic, John Rametta or Cathy Stanford. Our Stephen Ministers are there to care!
Spiritual Support Group
Need someone to talk to?  Have a case of the seasonal blues?   Come join us at Peer Lead Mental Health Support Group which meets each Monday and Thursday from 4-5pm in the Parlor, with Monday as discussion and snacks, and Thursday as a focused forum. All are welcome to come. Call Jess Munger for more information 732-690-1087.
Join 7 Seeds Community Yoga Class at RCHP this Summer

1st and 3rd Mondays now through August 21st at 5:30 PM in room 201. $15/class or $50 for 5 classes. All are welcome – no experience necessary. 7Seeds Yoga serves individuals & groups affected by trauma and/or substance use disorders. We are a thoughtful collaborative of mental health consumers & clinicians, yoga instructors, social workers, recovering persons & addiction professionals. For more information, email or visit

CIC Summer Trip, July 29-August 5
Dates: July 29, 2017 – August 5, 2017
Age range: 14+
This year’s work trip will be in Detroit, MI to help restore homes from flooding that struck in both 2014 and again in 2016. Not only are we blessed with the opportunity to extend our abilities and eagerness to support God’s people by doing this work we are also thankful for a grant that will pay for our accommodations in Detroit. We suggest any donations be delivered in cash on July 29, 2017 to Anthony or Harry to be used towards gas, travel and food while in Detroit. If you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation you can make out a check to RCHP with the note like: “Summer Work Trip 2017”. While on site we will have home cooked meals prepared by Harry’s wife, Yana. To provide a higher level of safety for all volunteers World Renew has made it mandatory for all people 18 and older to submit a background check prior to the trip. For the most up to date information and to ask questions (and get answers) go to Facebook and search “CIC Summer Trip” to see our page. Please “Friend” us to stay connected and request the sign up forms needed to join us.
Anthony W. Di Grigoli
Women’s Trip to Oman, November 8-18, 2017
The RCA Women’s Transformation & Leadership is offering a special opportunity, open to all ecumenical women, hosted by the Al Amana Centre, an RCA ministry working internationally to foster peace, cooperation and understanding between Christians and Muslims.  While there, we will explore this magnificent country and its people, deepen our understanding and respect for Christian-Muslim relations and engage in meaningful dialogue with Muslim women to explore the cultural, religious and societal similarities and differences between us as women of faith.  We will also explore ways to continue this important work when we return home to our own spiritual communities. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Click to see attached flyer for more information. Questions? Contact Deb Convery
RCHP remembers all those who died in July
and all those who still mourn
The following names have been offered for remembrance in July 2017: 
Donna Boland, Beloved Sister-in-law of Joan Molnar Shafer;
Anna Theresa Corcoran, Beloved Mother of Frank Corcoran;
Ted Konasievicz, Beloved Veteran and Resident of All Saints Apartments;
Daniel O’Neil, Beloved Father of Kelly O’Neil;
Rev. Ana Gloria Rivera, Beloved Mother and Grandmother of the Rivera Family;
Neil Selden, a source of light and love to those who passed him on life’s path;
Angel Timeva, Beloved Husband of Vessa Timeva;
Pauline E. Wilpiszeski, Beloved Sister and Aunt of Cathy and Anna Laycock;
Sister Mary Terence Wilpiszeski OSF;
Beloved Aunt and Great of Cathy and Anna Laycock;
If it would be a comfort to include your loved ones in a monthly memory calendar, call Lisa at RCHP office 732-249-7349
Happy July Birthday!
7/1- Olivia Jager
7/3- Mikey Zayas
7/6- Elizabeth Laurano
7/7- Josephine Estes, Jean Stockdale
7/8- Joan Tuers
7/9- Sheila Shukla, Isabelle Dela-Cruz
7/12- Jayne Wickham
7/16- Rosario Provenzano
7/17- Rose Laurano, Mary Laurano
7/18- Illona Faust
7/20- Shane Hackett- Cooley, Seth Kaper-Dale, Aiden May, Michelle Jonaton
7/21- Jonathan Austin, Jo Anne Katarski, Clara O’Neil
7/26- Pat Ruff, Bethany Kurkin
 7/27- Jeff Wertz
 7/28- Susan Varga, Reese Jenkins
 7/29- Cathy Cummings, Lara Arp
 7/31- Harleigh Costa
Happy July Anniversary!
Offiong & Awatt Awatt- July 5
Mark & Danielle Salapatas- July 15
Robert & Cynthia Varga- July 15
Dorothy & Roger Maitland- July 21