Thank you to all who were a part of this very successful mission trip!

There is a full 10 minute video that was taken and compiled by none other than the lovely and talented Susan Lee from Staten Island that can not be viewed online, but we can set something up for those who would like to watch it. Stay tuned… Here are some pictures of the trip



August 2017: 3rd Annual Classis-Wide Storm Recovery Summer Trip

Where: Detroit, MI
When: July 29, 2017 – August 5, 2017

This years work trip will be in Detroit, MI to help restore homes damaged by flooding that struck in both 2014 and again in 2016. Not only are we blessed with the opportunity to extend our abilities and eagerness to support God’s people by doing this work we are also thankful for a grant that will pay for our accommodations in Detroit. We suggest any donations be delivered in cash on July 29, 2017 to Anthony or Harry to be used towards gas, travel and food while in Detroit. If you are unable to attend and would like to make a donation you can make out a check to RCHP with a note like: “Summer Work Tip 2017”. While on site we will have home cooked meals prepared by Harry’s wife, Yanna.
To provide a higher level of safety for all volunteers World Renew has made it mandatory for all people 18 and older to submit a background check prior to the trip.
For the most up to date information and to ask questions (and get answers) go to Facebook to see our page. Please “Friend” us to stay connected and request the sign up forms needed to join us.
For more information World Renew site info.


Our Summer Work Trip History:

August 2016: 2nd Annual Classis-Wide Storm Recovery Summer Trip was a Great Success!

SC - JC - 2016

Thank you to Everyone who helped to make this trip possible. 

Hurra Before Leaving

         This year 32 people from different churches came together for our Classis-Wide trip to South Carolina, but with the inclusion of the 16 members of the New York Korean Evangelical Church we broadened this to be a beyond Classis-Wide trip. With so many people we were able to cover more ground and repair up to five homes in Georgetown, SC. Together we completed the following tasks: roof repair, sheet rock repair on walls and ceilings, sub floor installation, laminate floor installation, painting (a lot of painting), baseboard moulding, clean up, insulation installation and more. The eagerness to learn and to do was deeply rooted in the character of everyone on this trip. Even the heat and at times difficult tasks were no match for the groups perseverance and heart. I feel blessed to have been among such admirable people.

          Each night after work we went back to the Jerusalem Center in Andrews, SC where we cleaned up, relaxed, ate and at 8pm joined together for worship. For over 30 minutes we thanked God for the opportunity to serve and shared what we learned about the world and ourselves. We sang and prayed together and our group bonded quickly. Worship was led by Anthony Di Grigoli, Daniel Woo (P Dan), Joanne Jeong and Harry Pangemanen. Music was led by Keiko Kereh, Jonathan Austin and Timothy Kim with a special song by Sammy Djuang performed on his accordion. One evening we were told about a recent work trip to Haiti attended by Judie Nicol. Coming together at the end of a day working to help others and to praise our God as one helps to center us all in the reasons we are here. Not just in South Carolina or where ever we may be next year or have been previously, but here and now. Sharing kindness, respect and love as God has shown us.

          Nights were enjoyed by a lot of us with games and snacking and the like. Whoever knew that a game called Mafia would help break the awkward silences between us. Friendships were formed that continue now after we arrived home on August 13th. Our groups have met to share testimonies in Staten Island (NY Evangelical Church), watch the “Go With the Flow” VBS musical at RCHP on August 26th, go bowling, and dine at a couple buffets since.

FYI: Plans surrounding next year have already begun in the anticipation that this group will reunite for another week long work trip in the summer of 2017. Of course, location is set by need, but fundraising and planning are still underway.

Peace and Love,

Anthony W. Di Grigoli

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work trip 2015

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