Prison Pen Pal Program

rally in Elizabeth


The Prison Pen Pal Program is underway – can you join us? We have recently started a small group who has committed to writing letters on a regular basis to one or more people in the NJ prison system. This is a brand new form of ministry at RCHP, and participants have already learned so much from our pen pals in such a short time. We will be educating the congregation about life within the state prisons and will also be seeking ways that we can help bring justice and healing to our incarcerated sisters and brothers. If you would like to have a pen pal, please contact Brian at




Solitary Confinement


New Jersey Interfaith Statement Against Solitary Confinement


Beyond Prisons
April 11-12, 2014 included discussions/workshops from the following individuals:
Bonnie Kerness – race, political suppression, police surveillance
Nyle Fort – War on Drugs, school-to-prison pipeline, racism
Five Mualimm-ak – solitary confinement, prison abuse
Rev. Errol Cooper – reentry, felon disenfranchisement
Rev. Vanessa Wilson – restorative justice, healing communities
Jean Ross – administrative segregation, letter-writing, prison oversight