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NeighborCorps Re-Entry Services mentors and supports individuals returning to their communities from Middlesex County Jail.

Since 2013, NeighborCorps has integrated participants, volunteers, and community members to work together for a successful transition for participants from living on the inside to thriving on the outside:

  • Participants – incarcerated people who want to improve their opportunities to earn a living, have positive relationships, and regain the trust of family members and others who matter in their lives.
  • Navigators – trained volunteers who serve on teams of 3 volunteers for each Participant.  Navigators coach and accompany their Participant to accomplish an initial 30-day plan incorporating the Participant’s short-term and long-term goals.  As the plan is met, Navigators and Participant determine the next 30 day plan.
  • Supportive Community – positive members of the Participant’s family or former support network who are interested in assisting the Participant to build productive relationships, restoring trust and accountability.

How it works:  Participants meet with a team of three volunteer Navigators who provide mentoring and support as they set goals and track achievements by using a “GPS” system of:

  • G – Gainful Employment
  • P – Personal Development
  • S – Social Integration

Program duration: Participants begin working with their Navigators before release from jail, and continue in the program six to eleven months after release.

NeighborCorps Services include

  • Visiting inmate Participant
  • Visiting family members interested in providing a Supportive Community for Re-Entry
  • Co-creating with Participant specific 30-day GPS Action Plans
  • Providing encouragement, help and accountability to complete each Plan
  • Connecting Participant to further transitional services

NeighborCorps does NOT directly provide cash assistance, medical care, drug treatment, mental health care, housing, or employment.

To volunteer or donate to NeighborCorps, or for more information on enrolling as a Participant, please visit the NeighborCorps website, or contact Follow us on Facebook.


NeighborCorps Re-Entry Services is a program of Churches Improving Communities (CIC), a non-profit community development corporation that supports service and advocacy programs through churches in central New Jersey, such as emergency food assistance, community mental health services, ESL classes, disaster relief, and programs to assist seniors and youth. All CIC projects are non-discriminatory and are open to the public. Learn more at