The Still Waters program, RCHP’s care for survivors of labor trafficking, is named for a comforting image in the 23rd Psalm: “He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.”

Since 2010, when church members visited a detained victim of trafficking, Still Waters has assisted more than 200 formerly trafficked people, accompanying them through a long process of obtaining the right to stay in the USA and be authorized to work. This safety provides formerly trafficked people a chance to recover from the crimes they suffered.

Serving as friends to people who were severely exploited for their labor and then discarded by the people who trafficked them, we help lift their voices to inform federal officials of how it happened and how it has affected the individuals and their families. By accompanying victims of trafficking through their long wait for justice and assisting them in their recovery, the Still Waters program brings to life our church’s belief that in Christ, all things are made new.  

 We pray that the experience gained and connections made by RCHP in the effort to assist survivors of trafficking can be utilized to assist all immigrants struggling for safety and peace.