Relevant RCHP Sermons For Environmental Justice

Two sermons concerning the environment from RCHP in recent years. Click below to listen.

“How can the Wave Clap for Joy with Jellyfish Dripping from their Fingers?” – Pastor Seth

“Frightening Herod, and All Jerusalem with Him” – Pastor Seth


Other Resources

How we think about Environmental Justice at RCHP” — a mission statement for the Environmental Justice Committee (EnJ)

Some relevant excerpts from Laudato Si’ (Pope Francis)

Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust” – a day of action in support of the Paris Agreement

“Why Climate Change is a Threat to Human Rights” – Mary Robinson

“The State of the Climate- And What we Might Do About it” – Lord Nicholas Stern

Dear Future Generations” (youtube video)

Calculate your Carbon Footprint Here!

What Can You Do About Climate Change? Little Daily Actions that Make a Difference Here! 


Highland Park Environmental Works

We are seeking to develop a model for the proper redevelopment of our older towns, which focuses on an ability to sustain our environment and our local economy, and which offers sustenance to our diverse and changing population. Our proposal, Highland Park 2020 A Sustainable Community, has been divided into three discreet components: I. Environmentally Sustainable – A Green Community; II. Economically Sustainable – An Affordable Community; III. Socially Sustainable – A Livable Community.

  • Local action to buy Buck Woods, plans for development? 

The Borough Council at its Tuesday Feb. 3 council meeting introduced an ordinance that would allow the municipal government to spend 1.86 million dollars (including 1.767 million dollars in bonds) to buy Buck Woods. Council members declined to comment further on the matter at the present time, but the action could be part of a negotiating strategy to preserve the property…. Read more here.


Upcoming Environmental Justice Events

No upcoming events at this time.




Our Voices, Bringing Faith to the Climate Talks








Past Environmental Justice Events


people's climate marchOn Sunday, September 21 an estimated 400,000 people marched in NYC to promote world-wide legislation to work toward eliminating human impact on the environment. RCHP sent ten representatives to support the cause; we participated in the largest climate march to date! Our church group joined an interfaith group including other members of the Reformed Church, Catholics, Methodists, Non-Denoms, Jews, Muslims, Sihks, etc… We even saw a group who identified religiously as Atheist. The day started with an interfaith worship service leading us all to step off singing We Are Marching in the Light of God. As we followed the groups that had walked before us, we carried the signs we had made in support of climate change, including those made by The Table. For much of the march we were amongst Quakers who prepared lively, familiar songs to sing all the way. The energy was pulsing throughout the march while we joined the songs. We passed a group meditating in Central Park and a group of MBA and Med students raising a lively ruckus outside their dorm windows. At the end of the day, we were hungry and tired, but we were so grateful that we made a difference. That we were ten voices, representing hundreds in support of preserving God’s Creation.         -Student Minister Meghan Beddingfield

climate change march