At RCHP, we believe that everyone plays a part in the operation and ministry of the church. One of the major ways that we encourage members to get involved is through committees. Below is a list of the committees and a brief description. If you are interested or think that you might have something to offer that committee, please contact the church office or one of the pastors.

The following committees meet on the first Thursday of every month at the listed time.

The Faith Development Committee oversees the educational opportunities for spiritual growth at RCHP.

The Fellowship Committee loves to create opportunities for fellowship that will bring together our very diverse congregation for fun events.

A large part of our church life together happens during Sunday morning worship. The Worship Committee discusses the practical aspects of weekly worship–everything from ushers to how we pray together. These monthly meetings are a chance to reflect on our worship–what went well and what didn’t–so that our weekly worship can become a better representation of our community and a better offering of praise to God.

The Justice and Mercy Committee of RCHP works to promote events and service projects that help the most vulnerable among us.

The Care Committee oversees the many care ministries of the church, including the Stephen Ministry program and pastoral care visitations.

The Property Committee oversees the whole property of RCHP. The committee meets once a month to walk through the building, go over check lists, determine who will take the lead on different projects and to consider congregant suggestions for building changes and improvements. There are many members of the committee who do not attend the meetings, but who are, rather, a short list of volunteers who are willing to be called upon to complete tasks. Regular jobs include: lawn care, painting, light plumbing and electrical, light bulb changing, and power-washing.

The Finance Committee oversees the church finances. The purpose of the Committee is to ensure that sufficient funds are available to support the ministries of the Church and that those funds are wisely used. The Committee meets each month, as arranged, to review the status of the church’s finances and prepare a report for the monthly meeting of the Consistory. It also manages the three investment accounts (Main, Hartz, Stewardship) that form the Church endowment.