The Prayer Shawl Group meets each week on Tuesday evening at 7:00pm in the Parlor and is always looking for new people to join our group. Some members are not able to be with us on Tuesday evenings and work from their homes. We help each other in designing and crafting the shawls, while we enjoy the gift of friendship and community. We pray blessings into each shawl as it is being created. Upon completion, the group prays a final blessing into each shawl before it is sent on its way to convey God’s love.

We have received a few generous donations of yarn which is available for anyone wishing to join us. And we love teaching knitting or crocheting to anyone who wants to learn. If you are interested in joining us on Tuesday evenings, please come. If you cannot come to the meetings but would like to work at home, please call Selma Colmant at 732-745-0814 for guidelines on making the shawls.

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