Tuesday Evening Prayer and Meditation

The Tuesday Evening Prayer and Meditation Group is a Spiritual Formation Group that encourages members to explore a variety of prayer practices in a supportive environment. This group meets every Tuesday from 7-8pm in the Prayer Chapel/Quiet Room. All are welcome to drop in, attend once a month, or to experience this small group on a weekly basis. Please join us.

The format of the meetings is simple: we introduce ourselves and share our prayer intentions, we learn and practice a specific form of prayer or meditation, and we end with a brief reflection on the experience we have shared.

The monthly format is structured as follows:
On the first Tuesday of the month, we dedicate ourselves to service, sending cards of comfort and support to members of our church community as we pray for their intentions.
On the second Tuesday of the month, we experience a guiding meditation.
On the third Tuesday, we practice sitting meditation.
On the fourth Tuesday, we practice walking meditation in the Sanctuary.
When there are five Tuesdays in a month, we plan a special prayer event: most recently, each participant sharing poems, prayers and songs of comfort.

tuesday prayer and meditation