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Global Grace Cafe: Sharing Delicious Food & Global Community in Highland Park

Global Grace Cafe operates from 9:30am-2pm, Monday through Friday, serving a daily soup option from Sierra Leone, our delicious Global Grace salad, and an entrée prepared by our featured chefs from India, Syria, Jamaica, Uganda or Indonesia.

Call 732-249-7349 for pick up orders or for delivery within Highland Park.

9:30 AM: Coffee and pastries
11:30 AM: Lunch service begins.

$1.00 cup of Fair Trade Coffee
$2 cup of soup
$3 salad
$5 lunch-size entrée
$2 kids plate of pasta

Located in the Reformed Church of Highland Park (RCHP) Quilt Room Monday – Wednesday, and in its social hall on Thursday and Friday during many weeks of the year. Other weeks it will be out of the social hall only. Free WiFi is available! Would you like to have a group come together for a business meeting or book group over lunch? We can find quiet places within the church facility to accommodate your needs. Or come grab a coffee and a pastry and settle in with a book!

Support the work of RCHP and the Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Services and Empowerment program by committing to eating delicious food regularly at our cafe, and inviting your friends! If you enjoy your lunch, and you’d like one or more of the chefs to prepare food for a wedding, Bar-mitzvah, baptism party, or birthday, you can hire a chef through our Catering for A Cause Initiative, which will be affiliated with Global Grace.

To volunteer at the cafe, or if you’d like to learn how food from additional cultures can be highlighted, let us know.