Sunday School is an important time for all ages to be formed in their faith. The Children’s Sunday School program meets at 10:10am most Sunday mornings in the classrooms off of the Social Hall. Below is a list of our classes and teaching teams.

1st class: Ages 3-4 Tracy Cangiano, Theresa Dolan, Sarah MacKinnon

2nd class: Kindergarten-1st grade Gretchen Chapman, Faith Kamanda, Linda St. Pierre

3rd class: 2nd-3rd grade Danielle and Chris Kyle Willard,, Wendy Nussman, 

4th class: 4th grade Wendy Jager, Christie Poulan, Diane Fisher

5th class: 5th grade Anna Laycock 

6th class: 6th-7th grade Franco Juricic, Grace Kamanda

7th class: 8th-12th grade Kat and Peter VanElswyck