Sunday School is an important time for all ages to be formed in their faith. The Children’s Sunday School program meets at 10:10am on Sunday mornings in the classrooms off of the Social Hall. Below is a list of our classes and teaching teams.

Nursery Class (2s and 3s): Cyndy Reames, Wendy Nussman

PreK – Kindergarten: Tracy Cangiano, Michelle Tanasy, Alicia Greenwald

1st & 2nd grade: Sarah MacKinnon, Linda St. Pierre, Emily Adams

3rd grade: Eliz Rivera, Klaas Walhout, Grace Laloan

4th & 5th grade Wendy Jager, Renee DiGrigoli, Austin Morreale
These images and sculptures were in response to the prompt “What does healing look like?” The 4th and 5th graders made clay models and illustrations of healing symbols in response to the biblical healing story of the ten people with leprosy.

6th-8th grade: Franco Juricic, Nate Brantingham

9th-12th grade: Danielle Willard-Kyle, Chris Willard-Kyle