We believe that everyone is invited to God’s Table, and this includes children. We leave it up to the parents to decide when their children are old enough. Before they take communion we ask that parents speak with their children about the meaning and significance of the meal. During communion, we ask that parents accompany their children as they experience God’s special meal for us. If you are having trouble explaining communion to your children feel free to ask one of the pastors to meet with your children to explain it.

Children need healing, too. During our healing services once a month, children are most welcome to come forward and receive the oil and a prayer.

At RCHP we believe that all children are part of God’s family in worship. We want children to feel that this is their place, too. Yet we know that sometimes keeping kids attentive for the whole church service can be a challenge. So there are several options for you and your family:

1. Newborn-3 years: We have an excellent nursery, staffed by two professional care providers, running during the entire church service. To get there, exit the sanctuary through the door on the right, make a left at the drinking fountains, cross the social hall, and the nursery door will be right in front of you.

2. 3 years – 2nd grade: Children’s worship is offered during the sermon, and is geared to children ages 3 – 2nd grade, though parents may send older children at their discretion. Here children become familiar with the elements of worship and have a chance to worship in a more interactive way. During the “passing of the peace,” children line up by the front right-hand door, and the leader takes them to the parlor. Children return to the sanctuary during the offertory.

3. Sanctuary Scribes: Children’s bulletins and crayons are available for younger children from the usher when you came in the sanctuary. (If you didn’t receive it, feel free to go back and ask for one.) Also, at the back of the sanctuary there’s a white basket with art supplies. We invite the children who stay for the sermon to be ‘youth scribes’ and illustrate an element of the sermon. The drawings collected will be displayed in our worship space or sent to shut-ins or detainees to show our care for them.